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A handful of my favorite posts from the 2023 season.
Notable Campaigns
The planning and execution of each campaign featured below was led by me.
Drew Maggi Gets Called Up 
When 34-year-old Drew Maggi got the call to the big leagues after spending 13 years and 1,155 games in the minors, it quickly became a national story. Maggi made appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, SportsCenter and more, but we wanted to capitalize on the moment and tell the story like no one else could. Our content included clips of the scene in the clubhouse after his debut and fans chanting his name on the road, as well as photos and longer clips that showcased his journey and told his whole story.

Total Numbers:
13m Impressions
606k Engagements
Ke'Bryan Hayes Gold Glove Award Push
What began as a snub in 2022 turned into a season-long campaign in 2023. Through a balance of game highlights, produced videos, stat graphics and strong imagery, we fueled a fan vote and drove home the narrative that Hayes was the best defensive third baseman in baseball. At last, he clinched his elusive first Gold Glove, ending the Cardinals' Nolan Arenado's 13-year reign. Throughout the campaign, we aimed to tap into fan frustration that Hayes wasn't recognized for his prowess sooner. 

Total Numbers:
2.8m Impressions
100k Engagements
Young Bucs 
One way we aimed to combat the cyclical nature of baseball rosters was to highlight our prospects and our player development efforts as a whole through our "Young Bucs" Instagram and X accounts. We established and bolstered a player-focused vision for the accounts as a way to promote our prospects' success and build hope for the future in a way that was insulated from the on-field results of the big league club. In 2023, we launched multiple personality-driven campaigns to broaden our content beyond just highlights. I worked closely with each of our minor league affiliates to share content and collaborate on posts, and we saw our followers nearly double on each platform.

Total Numbers:
11m Impressions
720k Engagements
MLB Draft 
With the Pirates having the first overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft, we wanted to generate buzz and anticipation among our fanbase. We did so with a multi-part YouTube series that highlighted our scouting and player development teams, as well as what went into the process of selecting first overall. Once the draft began and we selected Paul Skenes, a pitcher from LSU, we rolled out content that showcased the moment he was selected, his first moments in Pittsburgh and his signing and introductory press conference at PNC Park. Thanks to increased usage of the Young Bucs accounts, we were able to cover all 21 of our selections extensively, something that few other MLB clubs were able to do.

Total Numbers:
9.4m Impressions
402k Engagements
Homestead Grays Uniforms 
In showcasing uniforms that paid homage to the Homestead Grays, a former Negro League team on the south side of Pittsburgh, we wanted to embrace our history and remind fans of what made them so special. We rolled out a strategic plan and extensive coverage for the uniforms' release and their on-field debut. We also worked closely with the creative team to build custom assets (avatars, slates and other templates) and worked with MLB on the timing and amplification of the release.

Total Numbers:
3.9m Impressions
255k Engagements
Content Examples
Instagram Stories/Snapchat
This past season, we diversified our content on Stories and Snapchat to help keep fans engaged and share moments from each game uniquely, yet consistently. I worked with our creative team on establishing the look and feel for templates that we could use quickly and easily through the Slate app. In addition to templates for everyday game coverage, we also built unique looks for theme weekends and alternate uniforms. 
We gained 78,000 followers and acquired 14 million views on TikTok during the 2023 season.

Don't Call it a Comeback

Big Bro Moment

Déjà Vu

Making Grandpa Proud

Don't Mind Me

A Reunion For the Ages

Golf Challenge

Light Work, No Reaction

500m                     28.4m                     280k
        Impressions                                                                                                  Engagements                                                                                             New Followers    
500m impressions across all accounts and platforms represented a 252% increase from 2022. Through a more strategic approach to in-game highlights using Instagram Reels, our video views on Instagram and X each grew by more than 100%. Our Facebook and X accounts each ranked in the Top 5 in engagement rate in MLB despite the team's seventh losing season in the last eight years.
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