Overall Social Direction
 I completed an internship as the Social Media Manager for the Butler Bluesox during the summer of 2021. We were able to launch a dedicated social strategy and further define a brand voice for the team, areas that had been previously lacking.

Before the season began I spoke with the team's manager and ballpark director and we outlined several goals we wanted to accomplish. 
One of these included attracting more people to the ballpark. We made the decision that without fans in the stands, a great brand on social didn't do much good. Consequently, we used rhetoric on social that encouraged fans to visit the ballpark and be a part of the action.

We also wanted to specifically attract kids to BlueSox games. We succeeded in doing so by adding Autograph and Kids Run the Bases Nights to the calendar, inviting Little League teams to run onto the field as Junior Captains and consistently showcasing on social that Pullman Park was a fun, kid-friendly atmosphere.

Perhaps most of all, we wanted to curate a sense of loyalty surrounding the team and the city of Butler. We created the hashtag #ForTheCity that we used to brand all posts. It's usage resonated with the players, coaches and fans.

Opening Weekend Recap

Hat Sale Teaser

Best Moments of the Season

Little Leaguers Introduce Starting Lineup

Leo Domachowski Hall of Fame Induction

Ryan Lynn Highlight

Throughout the season we used TikTok and Instagram Reels to reach users outside of our brand's following. Videos featured on these platforms totaled over 80,000 views.

4th of July Views

Adult Swim

Dizzy Bat Race

Uniform Transition

Shoupe Loves to Smile

Wants and Needs Trend

Throughout the season, we generated provable results on social media. Facebook posts gained nearly 30,000 total engagements and reached over 100,000 people. We launched a TikTok account for the team that quickly amassed over 350 followers and 35,000 views. The team's Twitter and Instagram accounts both doubled in followers. Our social media giveaway generated several hundred entries. In total the team's social accounts reached over 150,000 people, nearly a 100% increase from years prior.
The Butler Buzz
Near the end of the season I was invited to join host Tricia Pritchard as the first guest of a new season of "The Butler Buzz," a show that showcases Butler businesses and nonprofits on local television.
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